The western nation of Nidor, Yccona is smaller in size than Orthos, and is less populated as well. It’s lands bear more water; the nation is dotted with rivers, swamps, and huge inland lakes. In general Yccona’s people have greater patience than Orthos.

If there is a supreme kingdom within Yccona, it is the sprawling Delique.

Recently Yccona has come under attack from two factions, The eyes of fear and flame and Lammashtu. Unable to stand up to what appears to be a war in the making for hundreds of years, all but 2 peoples of the nation have fled. The elves of Jim Jum as well as the monstrous humanoids of Delique have remained. The elves defend their history and their land; having already been ejected from the woodlen cities of the high elves Jim Jum has decided to take a stand against her foes.

Delique remains as stubborn as always, snearing at attacks by Lammashtu. The Minotaur Druidic Circle known as The Shattering Horn in common would be the most likely group to appeal to for help. They maintain that these attacks by outworlders unbalances Nidor for all her inhabitants.


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