Orienna Piras

Orienna was a member of Sarnaash’s urban barbarian squad until he disappeared many months ago. She join the Rovers in an attempt to learn the skills she needed to hunt him down. It was at the Temple of Lammashtu that she found him, thrown into arena combat by the adaro. Despite Sarnaash’s death at the hands of the marsh giants, Orienna’s real mission as given to her by the Rovers was to bring the temple down.

The temple was destroyed after a heated battle with foul creatures and it seemed the adaro may have lost their leader in the process. Currently Orienna goes back and forth between the urban barbarians and the Rovers helping as needed.

Orienna is a classic female tiefling. She has learned many moves with her tail and uses it in battle to confuse and steal. Her rage is unmatched amongst her peers. She is brutish in her strength and speech, but knows when to hold her tongue.


Orienna Piras

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