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Maps: Ziggarat, Temple of Saranrae, Shadow Map, Cathedral of Besmara 1st Floor, Cathedral of Besmara 2nd Floor, Brotherhood of Yi Tu, The Lusty Paladin, Tower of Istima B2 Outside, Tower of Istima B2, Tower of Istima B1, Tower of Istima 1F, Tower of Istima 2F 3F

Weapons of Note: Radiant Silvergun

Bodies of Water: Nidorian Ocean, The Titan’s Maelstrom, Thunderhead of Lamashtu, Jim Jum Cove, Nightwave’s Creep, Pearl Garrison dam

Nations: Orthos, Yccona

Cities/Towns/Populaces/Kingdoms: Ziggarat, Ancient Ziggarat, Jim Jum, Delique, Dwarven Nomads, Drow Nomads, eyes of fear and flame, The Shattered Horn, Adaro, Blades of Sacrifice

The City Sections of Ziggarat: Wraith Island, The Statue of Besmara, Wide Marina, Narrow Marina, Relm’s Blessing, Scholarly Road, Oboro, Bay of Life, Inlet, Ziggarat Proper, Ajari District, Beguile, The Pearl Garrison, Broods

Sects of Ziggarat: the Opalescent Guard, the Rovers, the Pelagic Way, Tall Glass Militia, Cult of the Red Rain, Order of the Dual Sacrament, Makai Brotherhood, Ecclesia, Blackfingers, Tide of Supremacy

Deserts/Mountains/Large Terrain Obstacles: Orthos Wastelands, Eastern Delta

Important Events/Legends: Jim Jum the Priest, Peddrox, Lamashtu, Nidor Legend, Western Refugees, Refuse, Lady Aqueous, Blue Lotus, Nomos, First Testament of Besmara, First Testament of the Lantern Wielder

Important People: Yaspar, Sojo, Undine, Runas Deep, Zuzuzaith, Kidaro, Orienna Piras, Captain Insali, Colonel Alexandra Hera, Grumley, Shurvayas, Claddath, Kenth, Richshaw, Drust, Hazzier, Sestra, Bria, Saint Naris, Aegle Bacculum, Gavius Bacculum, Juno Bacculum, Lenora Bacculum, Father Agni, David, cleric in training, Vekel Gully, Aganon Hera, Obol, Unnamed Cleric of Sarenrae, Kalani, Bellethiel, Fayla, Lilyana, Lainadan, Thorontur, Anthony Niles, Gollor, Kilvir, Uron, Naluk, Belaryn, Vesz, Na’eroth Shinder, Abe, Jodocus Silver, Jolanera, Ehrimun, Ayzrul, Rezlara, Gordess, Ruby Engine, Emerald Engine, Tal’ace, Dil’taana, Phyrniss, Drow Songstresses, Gezgexin

Ships: The Simulacrum, The Deluge, Abigail’s Conch, The Smithery Under the Waves, Hazzier’s Ark, Hera’s Honor

Towers/Dungeons/Temples: Derelictus, Peddrox’s Lighthouse, Star Prison, Blay Castle, The Muscle or Mussel, Temple of Lamashtu, Tower of Istima, Tomb of Saint Naris, Witness of Sarenrae, Brotherhood of the Yi Tu, The Lusty Paladin, Cathedral of Besmara, Temple of Sarenrae, The Lyceum, Academy of Karda, Caster Towers, Museums of Ziggarat, Lost Temple of Besmara, Training Pit, Tower of Drostan

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