A sprawling city state towards the most southern tip of Yccona, Delique is less ruled by a tyranny as it is held barely together by tyrants. A nation of minotaur, ogre, and goblin, in pure terms of martial strength not even Ziggarat can compare. Delique’s naval fleets can tremble the shores of rivals. Fortunate for the rest of the world, most of the rivals live within Delique.

The ogre’s prowess with bow, ore, and spear is matched by the minotaur’s druidic assembly, The Shattered Horn. Said to have been the first people to walk upright and practice dominion over animal and plant, the druids of The Shattered Horn are the most powerful magical force in Delique. They are responsible for the current span of relative peace Delique has enjoyed.

The city state rests just north of the equator, and as such enjoys very long, dry hot summers. It is built wide and tall, covering most desert and plains. It is said that if you go far enough south to escape Delique’s borders, you will find yourself in Hell.



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