Vekel Gully

Dwarven blacksmith recently self employed, former member of the Beguile government. Lost most of both legs while adventuring in the wastelands outside of Ziggarat but has adjusted well since.

Operates a smithery on wraith island. Gets around via a steam powered wheelchair, a piece of dwarven engineering to say the least. He carries a large arqubous outfitted to fire similar to the prismatic crossbows of the Opalescent Guard. When the companions meet him after the defeat of Saint Naris it appears Vekel has fashioned golem-like legs to walk upon.

Dark haired and heavily bearded, Vekel is covered in tatoos and insignia most likeliy from his questing days. Part of his break from Beguile and his recent help to the party is due to his new found need to start a dialogue with the drow.


Vekel Gully

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