Shopping of Ziggarat

With the recent alliance with Abe the artificer through Soul’s leadership; all wares throughout the city are now %15 off.

Hazzier’s Liquids and Components: Hazzier has made shop here, selling wears that include potions, oils, spell components. Based between Oboro and Bay of Life, the fisheries can be seen as well as Colonel Alexandra Hera’s new outpost.

Available Wares: Players may spend 10% additional to the price to get the potion poured in elemental glass. The potion grants Resist Energy 10 (CL 10) of any element of the player’s choice (chosen when drank). Potions are caster level 10.

1st Level (400gp) 2nd Level (800gp) 3rd Level (1200gp)
Cure Light Wounds Cat’s Grace Cure Serious Wounds
Enlarge Person Barkskin Remove Disease
Protection from Evil Eagle’s Splendor Water Breathing
Longstrider Aid Good Hope
Jump Owl’s Wisdom Remove Blindness/Deafness
Mage Armor Lesser Restoration Tongues
Bless Weapon Bear’s Endurance Water Walk
Fox’s Cunning Heroism
Remove Paralysis Neutralize Poison
Spider Climb
Cure Moderate Wounds

Aegle’s Wands, Staves, and Rods: Aegle Bacculum is human sorceress that has specialized in item creation. A native of many generations of Ziggarat, she dwells in her home in the Proper with her 2 children, Juno and Lenora. Her husband, a master carpenter named Gavius watches over her pregnant body as she shows her wares to prospective clients.  

Available Wares: Wand of any spell 3rd level or lower (7500, 12000, 20000gp). Wands are caster level 10.

Rods Cost (gp) Staves Cost (gp)
Rod of Maximize Lesser 7000 Staff of Fire 18950
Rod of Silent Lesser 3000 Staff of Defense 62000
Rod of the Python 13000 Staff of Frost 41400
Rod of Silent normal 11000 Staff of Healing 29600
Rod of Empower normal 32500 Staff of Swarming Insects 22800
Rod of Quicken lesser 35000 Staff of Abjuration 82000
Rod of Splendor 25000 Staff of Aspects 37600
Rod of Thunder and Lightning 33000 Staff of Electricity 31900
Conduit Rod 12000 Staff of Many Rays 57200
Fiery Nimbus Rod 22305 Staff of Mithral Might 58000
Rod of Alertness 85000 Staff of Radiance 23200
Staff of Vision 86666

Accessories on the Inlet: Members of the Rovers posing as store owners sell accessories (eyes, head, headband, neck, ring, and wrist) to residents of Ziggarat.

Available Wares:

Eyes Cost (gp) Head Cost (gp)
Goggles of the Night 12000 Crown of Blasting (major) 23760
Goggles of Elvenkind 8500 Helm of Underwater Action 24000
Pirate’s Eye Patch 2600 Crown of Conquest 24600
Helm of Teleportation 73500
Helm of Comprehend Languages and Read Magic 5200
Howling Helm* 22600
Maw of the Wyrm (any color) 18000
Stormlord’s Helm 35000
Magician’s Hat 20000
Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier 5000

Headband Cost (gp) Neck Cost (gp)
Headband of Inspiried Wisdom +2 4000 Amulet of Natural Armor +2 2000
Headband of Mental Prowess +2 10000 Brooch of Shielding 1500
Circlet of Persuasion 4500 Medallion of Thoughts 12000
Hunter’s Band 11000 Periapt of Wound Closure 15000
Headband of Intuition 7000 Necklace of Adaptation 9000
Circlet of Mindsight 22000 Amulet of Hidden Strength 9000
Gravewatch Pendant 8000
Stormlure 5400
Amulet of Natural Armor +3 18000
Amulet of Grasping Souls 21000
Amulet of Mighty Fists +3 * 36000
Hand of Stone 27000
Scarab of Protection 38000
Star Cinder 50000

Ring Cost (gp) Wrist Cost (gp)
Ring of Chameleon Power 12700 Bracers of Armor* Variable
Ring of Protection +2 8000 Bracers of Merciful Knight 15600
Ring of Improved Swimming 10000 Arrowmaster’s Bracers 13900
Ring of Minor Energy Resistance any 12000 Bracers of Archery (lesser) 5000
Ring of Improved Jumping 10000 Vambraces of Defense 6000
Ring of Spell Storing minor 18000 Seducer’s Bane 9900
Ring of the Sophisticate 11000 Raven’s Bracers 16600
Ring of Telekinesis 75000
Ring of Protection +3 18000
Ring of Spell Storing 50000
  • Bracers of Armor follow the same rules as armor

Cathedral of Besmara: On the border of Beguile and The Proper rest the Cathedral of Besmara. It is the largest building of worship in the city and completely self sustaining. Besmara does not yearn for tithing nor sacrifice, she expects her clergy to be cunning business men or if needed, cunning pirates. Headed by Father Agni, the Cathedral sells clothing outside of armor (belts, body, chest, feet, hands, shoulders).

Available Wares:

Belts Cost (gp) Body Cost (gp)
Belt of Mighty Constitution +2 4000 Robe of Blending 8400
Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2 4000 Monk’s Robes 13000
Belt of giant strength +2 4000 Robe of Scintillating Colors 27000
Belt of Dwarvenkind 14900 Robe of Gates 64000
Belt of Physical Might +2* 10000 Robe of the Archmagi 75000
Belt of Fallen Heroes 21000 Blazing Robe 11000
Sash of Flowing Water 25000 Shocking Robe 11000
War-kilt of Sarenrae 13000
  • Belt of Physical Might choose any 2 of the 3 physical stats

Chest Cost (gp) Feet Cost (gp)
Vest of Escape 5200 Boots of Elvenkind 2500
Mantle of the Crusader Host 95000 Boots of Levitation 7500
Swordmaster’s Shirt 10000 Boots of Striding and Springing 5500
Vest of the Cockroach 16000 Daring Dancers 16000
Jaunt Boots 7200
Shoes of the Firewalker 21000
Hands Cost (gp) Shoulders Cost (gp)
Gloves of Arrow Snaring 4000 Cape of the Mountebank 10800
Gloves of Swimming and Climbing 6250 Cloak of Minor Displacement 24000
Gloves of Storing 10000 Cloak of Resistance +2 4000
Quicksilver Gloves 7000 Cloak of Arachnida 14000
Vampiric Gloves* 18000 Cloak of Resistance +3 9000
  • Vampiric Gloves damage dice rolls are maximized

Pearl Garrison: The most southern portion of Ziggarat houses the main force of the Opalescent Guard. This includes barrack, metal and leather workers. The majority of these smitheries are close to the southern cliff of the city and pipe runoff from their work areas into the sea. This is the most unpleasant area of Ziggarat. The Opalescent Guard have numerous stout towers erect right at the end of the cliffs, to act as a buffer against an attacking force attempting to target weapon production. Most of these smitheries and ironworks go all night, the city hungry for building materials. 

Available Wares: Arms and armor can be smithed up to +5 total, +3 of that can be enchancement modifier.


Armor/Shield bonus Cost (gp) Non + Enhancements (Ar or Sh or Both) Cost (gp)
+1 1000 Glamored (Ar) 2700
+2 4000 Slick (Ar) 3750
+3 9000 Shadow (Ar) 3750
+4 16000 Poison Resistant (Both) 2250
+5 25000 Determination (Both) 30000
Expeditious (Ar) 4000
Energy Resistance (Both, any one element) 18000
Delving (Ar) 10000
Radiant (Both) 7500
Shadow, Improved (Ar) 15000
Martyring (Ar) 18000
+1 (Ar or Sh or Both) +2 (Ar or Sh or Both)
Fortification (Both, light) Spell Resistance 13 (Both)
Bolstering (Both except light armor and bucklers) Spell Dodging (Ar)
Deathless (Ar) Volcanic (Ar, heavy only)
Defiant * (Both) Arrow Deflection (Sh)
Blinding (Sh) Animated (Sh)
Arrow Catching (Sh)
  • Defiant types available: Outsider Demon, undead, animal, Dragon, Magical Beast, Outsider Devil
+3 (Ar or Sh or Both) +4 (Ar or Sh or Both)
Ghost Touch (Both) Spell Resistance 17 (Both)
’Spell Resistance 15 (Both)


Weapon bonus Cost (gp) *
+1 2000
+2 8000
+3 18000
+4 32000
+5 50000
  • For ammunition, this price is for 50 arrows, bolts, or bullets.
+1 +2
Bane * Anarchic
Distance (Ranged Only) Axiomatic
Flaming Holy
Frost Wounding
Shock Burst (any)
Ghost Touch (Melee only) Lifesurge (Melee only)
Returning (Thrown Only) Negating
Seeking (Ranged Only) Phase Locking (Ranged Only)
Conductive Designating, Lesser (Ranged only)
Keen (Melee piercing/slashing only)
Reliable (firearms only)
  • Bane types available: Outsider Demon, undead, animal, Dragon, Magical Beast, Outsider Devil
+3 +4
Nullifying (Melee only) Nimble Shot (Ranged only)
Sonic Boom (Firearms only) Second Chance (Bows only)
Special Materials (Wp or Ar or Both) Cost (gp)
Silversheen (Wp) 750
Cold Iron (Wp) Base Weapon x2 + 2000
Fire-Forged Steel (Both) Consult link
Elysian Bronze (Both) Consult link
Eel Hid (Ar, Light/Medium only) 1200/1800
Blood Crystal (Wp, Piercing/Slashing only) 30 (ammo)/1500 (wp)
Voidglass (Both, [Slashing/Piercing only] Consult link
Noqual (Both) Consult link
Mithral (Both) Consult link
Horacaclum (Both) Consult link


Weapons Cost (gp) Armor Cost (gp)
Slaying Arrow * 2282 Mithral Shirt 1100
Javelin of Force Lightning * 1500/4500 for 4 Banded Mail of Luck * 18900
Dagger of Venom 8302 Caster’s Shield 3153
Trident of Warning 10115 Lion’s shield 9170
Sword of the Planes 22315 Spined shield 5580
Burrowing Bullet, Lesser 1722, 5000 for 5 All-Seeing Armor 5570
Screaming Bolt 267, 1000 for 5 Chain Vest of Dawn 6950
Hurricane Quarterstaff 7840 Enchanted Eelskin 11160
Boulderhead Mace 6812 Fangtide Scale Mail 4890
Ricochet Hammer 20301 Forgemaster’s Half Plate 4180
Triton’s Trident 15065 Wizard’s Mail 52100
Undercutting Axe 23310 Quick Block Buckler 36155
Mage’s Crossbow 18335 Elysian Shield 52620
Firedrake Pistol * 20300
Brine’s Sting 10320
Dragonbreath Bow * 50375
Demonsorrow Curve Blade 90469
Rapier of Puncturing 50320
Scimitar of the Spellthief 75815
Stormcaller * 98302
  • Bane types available: Outsider Demon, undead, animal, Dragon, Magical Beast, Outsider Devil
  • Banded Mail of Luck: can use reroll option 1/day
  • Javelins of Force Lightning: as javelins of lightning, but half damage is force
  • Firedrake Pistol: fire damage is half fire/half holy
  • Dragonbreath bow: can use mythic option 1/combat
  • Stormcaller: can use mythic option 1/day

Temple of Sarenrae: known city wide for providing the city with many of it’s odd magical items, the temple has since been emptied and abandoned since the forces of Lamashtu ran the followers of Sarenrae out of the city. Rumor exists that the remains of this order will return with vengeance. With the Temple of Sarenrae acquiring new leadership, it is growing as an independent economic force. The clerics of Sarenrae create a myriad of wonderous items, both for adventures and the common people to defend themselves.

Available Wares:

Name Cost (gp) Name Cost (gp)
Elixir of Vision 250 Feather Tokens (any) Consult link
Pipes of the Sewers 1150 Handy Haversack 2000
Bag of Holding (any) Consult link Gem of Seeing 75000
Harp of Storms 22000 Horn of Goodness 6500
Elixir of Darksight 1200 Elixir of Dragon Breath (any) 1400
Horn of Blasting 20000 Master’s Perfect Golden Bell 20000
Lantern of Revealing 30000 Chaos Emerald 25000
Orb of Storms 48000 Stone of Good Luck 20000
Drinking Horn of Bottomless Valor 24000 Scabbard of Keen Edges 16000
Ornament of Healing Light 10000 Horn of Fog 2000
Dawnflower Lantern 6400 Drinking horn of panacea 12000
Necklace of Fireballs (any) Consult link
Ioun Stone Short Description Cost (gp)
Dusty Rose Prism +1 insight bonus to AC 5000
Brown Thorny +2 competence bonus on trip attempts 8000
Crimson Thorny +2 competence bonus on bull rush attempts 8000
Orange Thorny +2 competence bonus on sunder attempts 8000
Silver Thorny +2 competence bonus on overrun attempts 8000
Teal Thorny +2 competence bonus on disarm attempts 8000
Violet Thorny +2 competence bonus on grapple attempts 8000
Dark Blue Rhomboid Grants the Alertness feat 10000
Eastern Star Grants Comprehend Languages 6000
Mossy Disk Grants +5 competence bonus on one Knowledge skill (chosen at purchase) 5000
Opalescent White Pyramid Grants proficiency with one weapon (chosen at purchase) 10000
Western Star Standard action: Disguise Self, turns all ioun stones invisible 4000

Vesz’s Hermetic Lab – one of the Drow nomads has setup shop, as per the agreement between the companions the drow nomads, to sell his wares within the city. Vesz is a young drow male with a dark sense of humor. He is dressed in clothing typical of his people; sand colored fabrics meant to repel the air borne toxins outside the city. His lab has a very specific front end area and peering behind his counters hints at hidden rooms, secrets alcoves and dangerous traps. His lab operates across from his small private home, the middle being a flourishing garden (growing extremely odd plantlife from outside the city) with an ancient water fountain that houses a shadow conduit in the form of a beautiful drow maiden pouring from a vase.

Available Wares:

Name Cost (gp) Name Cost (gp)
Dust (any) Consult link Elemental Gem * 2250, 6000 for 3
Flask of the Reaper 3800 Volative Vaporizer (any) Consult link
Silversheen 250 Steadfast Gut-stone 800
Grave Salt 1100 Stone Salve 4000
Elixir (any) Consult link Purifying Ointment 4000
  • Elemental Gem summons have the advanced template

Ecclesia: Any wizard that is a member of the order or those approved (such as Pipsqueak's compantions) can trade platinum slates for the following items. They are bartered between individual wizards within Oboro. Only one of each is available within the city. 

Available Wares: 5 Slates

Name Claimed by Name Claimed by
Ring of Evasion Ring of Foe Focus
Ring of Inner Fortitude (minor) Soul Ring of Retribution
Ring of Return Dante Ring of the Sea Strider
Boots of the Battle Herald Shoes of Lightning Leaping * Pipsqueak
Headband of Arcane Energy Bracelet of Second Chances
Bracers of Sworn Vengeance Silver Smite Bracelet
Bane Baldric Spectral Shroud
Unfettered Shirt Vest of the Cockroach
Arachnid Googles Darksight Goggles
Sniper Goggles Haloran
  • Shoes of Lightning Leaping damage is maximized, half is untyped damage

Shopping of Ziggarat

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