The halfing quest giver for the Rovers. Typically seen as the leader, the Rovers actually don’t subscribe to such a strict hiearchy of command. It is said Richshaw’s ability to adapt to situations has kept his “leadership” intact more than the previous dozen “leaders” of the thief’s guild.

One of his few known weaknesses are for attractive halfling females….

During the battle of the Nerizo, Richshaw revealed he sabotaged the defenses of Beguile to allow the Nerizo entry. He did this in worship of the Lantern Wielder, who he and his entire lineage have followed for generations. Beneath the Muscle the companions did battle with Richshaw after his failed assassination attempt on Shurvayas. In a heated battle, Soul dealt the final blow to Richshaw who had turned himself over to the Lantern Wielder and taken the form of a heresy devil. Soul also retrieved the half written First Testament of the Lantern Wielder which Richshaw was inscribing during the battle.



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