Nidor, a world given life by titans

The Pelagic Way of Healing completed

As the party ventures deeper into the strange keep, they come across a small monument. Several statues, seeming to represent key figures for this keep are built into the floor in grand displays of marble and brass. The ceiling is solid here, and seems to deflect most of the rays of the surrounding positive energy. Decay is present but slow. The bardic aasimar can tell from this decay that this place is millenia old.

An aging human, salt pepper hair and bearded paladin stands first, proud and solemn. He is outfitted in well worn but powerful gear. Next comes an even broader man, a human cleric without an obvious holy symbol, but wielding great holy power in 2 burning gauntlets. A short figure, the size of a halfling is next. The construct of this figure is clever, seemingly invisible until directly stared at. He wields a strange weapon; a staff with a sling on top and a myriad of pouches dot his vest.

Set aside from these figures, the next set are of a human wizard, young and vital. He is dressed in the hue of red, a great ruby flame of robes seem to surround this statue. Behind him is what appears to be a dragonborn; a humanoid of dragon descent that has crackling eldritch magic burning at his finger tips.

Instead of a sixth figure, what appears to be a strange cocoon inhabits this corner of the monument. It is the newest spot and even without mystical means it can be felt that an ancient evil beats inside of it. However it’s pulse is slowing; the shallowing breathing of a god of previous worlds.

The players continue to look around, finding more strange metal fragments akin to the ones found in the courtyard. Beyond this room lies another open tower, it’s gates slammed wide open and seemingly ripped apart. The party enters seeing 3 taotiehs, constructs in the shape of a large cat made of marble and holy scrimshaw inscriptions. From the open environment of the positive energy plane these taotieh’s have become celestial; indeed they are also enchanced by the same metal implements found in the previous rooms. These enchancements seem to give them regenerative abilities, as well as supreme mental defenses.

These three creatures lead from their tall pillars and attack, attempting to swallow any foe. Strange enough, they do not capture prey in their belly but in extradimensional pockets that can be far far away in another plane. The evil figure cocooned in the monument earlier must have been captured by one of these creatures.

The aasimar bard Mercurio is captured in one these strange pockets, sent to Hell. He meets the demon that was confronted by Soul and Sarnaash in the morgue. Here, he is given help by the demon in order to deliver a message to Soul of a meeting in two days, when the moon is at it’s zenith.

The companions are able to defeat the taotieh, freeing the trapped ancient god from his cocoon. A figure identified as Livan Shadowdancer, who once ruled over the then Nine Hells with a chaotic fist stumbles from the cocoon. He dies despite any attempts to help him. He is buried by Soul in this place; his presence dimming the light of the positive energy plane coursing through the keep. It is more bearable to those that are mortal and not native to this place, and with the taming of the area the party is able to heal all soulburn by drinking from the fountain that previously was supercharged with positive power.

The party also retrieves some of the local flora to take to Hazzier. They then trigger the keyphrase to bring them back to Ziggarat.



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