Nidor, a world given life by titans

Betrayal at the Mussel, uplifting speech at the Witness.

The bards of Lyceum are working with the urban barbarians to get into sync. The barbarians are struggling working with the bards; they are weak of body. The companions decide to side with the barbarians using their skills to convince the bards the barbarians should lead.

At The Mussel, a surprise attack is launched by Lamashtu’s forces! Hordes of Nerizo flood the alleys around Beguile. These bipedal hound like demons wield firearms forged of Abyssium; a horrid substance that poisons anyone touching them who isn’t native to the Abyss. Survayas, Claddath and Kenth join the companions in the streets outside the Mussel. Claddath and Kenth push further into the streets in an attempt to defend the people of Beguile After defending the tavern against the hordes, the party escapes inside with Survayas.

Survayas seems poised to tell Soul who sabatoged the defenses outside the Mussel (protective wardings setup to prevent extraplanar travel) when she is suddenly stabbed! Soul’s courageous spirit helps her fight back the pain Party can give chase through the basements of the tavern until they come upon pantry with a floor secret door, inlaid with infernal sigils. Delving into the hidden bunker unveils a world of devilish worship; tattered oil canvases, vases teaming with fiendish flora. The iconography is well worn but in each piece is the symbol of two lantern flames encapsulated in iron cages. Fresh sacrifice litters the floor, several spots slick with innocent victims. Mixed in with the art are images of Rickshaw’s ancestors, adorned in worship to the infernal wielder of flame. Rickshaw’s disguised voice emanates from the far side of the bunker. He thanks the companions for cleansing the talisman and leading to the release of his patron saint. The forces of Lamashtu that held my patron prisoner, the disgusting Cult of the Red Rain, deserve to be stricken from this world. Ziggarat needs the focused leadership of the infernal, not the slobbering grotesque anarchy that the Cult would bring. He invites the party to join him in worship of the lantern wielder, to join the only force powerful enough to beat back Lamashtu and her cult. Rickshaw destroyed the protective sigils in the streets of Beguile to lure out the cult’s initial forces as commanded by the Lantern Wielder, to weed out who amongst the Rovers will be too weak to serve under the Lantern Wielder once this cleansing is complete.

Rickshaw transforms into a heresy devil and begins inscribing the first bible of the Lantern Wielder. Once the party defeats Rickshaw, they will find in the back of his underground lair a stretching river of unholy waters. The River Styx flows against the Mussle bridging the planes to Stygia and the Palace of Destruction where the Lantern Wielder holds sway building his power. A mysterious winged voice (Spirit of the Velve, Turul) will inform the party they cannot sail across these waters without a holy buffer to protect their vessel. Taking a sample of the River Styx and analyzing it at a Catherdral or Temple will reveal they need the whole vitae of a noble paladin who must give his life to ferry the ship to the Palace. Soul and dante purify bodies, burying in dirt after smashing up floor. SOUL READS SCROLL ON EACH CORPSE. Places “Caution Cellar” on the door as the party leaves.

Many of the Rovers have fallen in the defense of their base. As Dante moves amongst the wounded within the main room of the Mussel he hears the sounds of tears falling to the well worn bar floor. Kenth, the younger of the two drow twins, weeps over his elder brother’s fallen body. Claddath is no more.

A small (but vocal) migration of Besmaran clerics are heading to the Witness of Sarenrae. Lady Aqueous is arguing with them. Skill Challenge to prevent a spiritual divide between the followers of Sarenrae and the brazen minority (successful). At the Witness Sol gives his speech. Aasimars crowd the Witness, proclaiming the return of a fallen hero.

Dante returns to the Yi Tu Brotherhood with the companions in tow. He is told by Kalani that a small group of monks have left the Makai, fed up with what they see as weakness amongst the inhabitants of Ziggarat. These were the dude bros that have given Dante trouble in the past. These monks have joined the Adaro off the coast of the Bay of Life and declared independence from the city, calling themselves the Tide of Supremacy. With their intimate knowledge of the Bay they have been leading the Adaro in surprise attacks against the Makai and Yi Tu, attempting to collapse the very ground of the Bay of Life into the oceans swelling grasp (continuing to swell by the encroaching thunderhead). Dante convenes with the elders of Yi Tu who humbly asking him to petition the earth spirits below the temple to assist in defending the tunnels beneath the Bay against this newfound treat.

Dante and companions delve deep into the Training Pit; an entrance to the Elemental Earth plane housed within the Yi Tu. His last vision of the world above is Kalani. They both exchange gestures of caution to each other.



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