The sister of Sojo in very loose terms, Yaspar is a star spirit, a personification of the spirit and energy within a star given form and intelligence and self awareness.

Being born as a binary twin to Sojo, his death lead to Yaspar ascending, a process by which a person takes within the essence of a slain star spirit. It is unknown what affect this would have on a fellow star spirit.

As far as the majority of the world knows, Yaspar is the last of her kind. Star spirits are a throwback to a much older realm before Nidor and even the heavens and hells ruled over by the gods.

She is a follower of Norgorber. She currently commands The Deluge, a ship inhabited by an elite fleet of eyes of fear and flame. She ventures for unknown reason to find the Undine, a secretive race of aquatic humanoids that dwell within hidden folds of the ocean.

Her latest known location was the Derelictus, a floating oceanic fortress several days sail from Ziggarat.



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