The Deluge

No longer amongst the fleet arriving at Ziggarat, the Deluge was saved by the companions when first fleeing Peddrox’s Lighthouse. From the distance what strikes the viewer as a floating wave only sharpens to a tear drop shaped ship seemingly floating on it’s side. Water elementals stretch from it’s porous hull to guide the ship where it’s crew demands it.

Formerly elvish wizards, it has since been corrupt by the touch of Yaspar, an evil star spirit willingly bound in servitude to Norgorber, the deity of assassins and greed. Once the party discovers her plot to slowly poison and resurrect the crew as eyes of fear and flame it is too late.

The Deluge has split from the fleet, and Yaspar as commander has set a course to find the hidden realm of the Undine. She is apparently looking for a leg up in the battle between Norgorber and Lammashtu but what the Undine could offer is unknown.


The Deluge

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