Former member of Procurus, an invoker of great power. He left the order to track down Lilyana, the ejected leader of Procurus a decade ago. He had feelings for her, and his grief led to the vile nightwing Jolanera twisting his mind to believe Lilyana could only be saved through the foul arts of necromancy. Ehrimun took over the Ajari District, turning it into a lair of undeath and thievery. He stole magical items for Jolanera to consume, who in turn took on the vision of Lilyana to keep Ehrimun on a leash.

In recent years Ehrimun began to despair he would never find his love and Jolanera tricked him into ghouling himself, explaining that the path to her salvation would take many human life times.

Ehrimun died on the blade of Soul the paladin but before any information on how to destroy the fonts within the Ajari Plantation was gleaned. As such, the companions have had to erect a wall of fire to reside above the shadow conduit in the plantation, lest the evils of the negative energy plane again find their way through.



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