Nidor, a world given life by titans

The Lost Art of Ferrous Smithing con't and Treasure of the Blue Lotus II

The party arrives on Wraith Island for their 2nd time. They speak with Bria at her laboratory near the outskirts of the island, informing her of the battle against the herald and the words that Soul heard from the storm. She helps guide them to Vekel’s establishment and vows to continue uncovering the serpent folks plans to infiltrate the Pelagic Way.

On the way to Vekel’s, the party decides to visit the Statue of Besmara. They enter the statue and upon reaching the bosom are met by an apparition of Lady Aqueous; the first cleric of Besmara, shipmate of the Blue Lotus, and considered the founder of Besmara’s teachings. During this encounter she inflicts a vision upon Remy of 2 weapons, both cutlasses, that can only resist a flood of crimson death if wielded together. Separately, they will only lead to false victories. Lady Aqueous disappears in a burst of healing waters and Remy is geas’d to continue climbing up the inside of the statue’s lifted blade. Here he and the party discover the 2nd treasure of the Blue Lotus, the cutlass of Besmara. Remy finds it to be a powerful icy blade.

The party then resumes their trek to find Vekel. Reaching the far side of the island that houses most of the Pelagic Way’s smitheries, they find a broad bearded dwarf confined to a wheel chair due to the lost of his legs below his knees. Introduced via one of his half elven workers named Norris, Vekel explains to the party he wants to repair age old feuds between dwarf and drow. He sees helping the party to teach Shurvayas the art of ferrous smithing as a step in that direction.

Interrupted by the collapse of a body, the party turns to see that several tengu are assassinating the half elf similar to the blood sacrifices by the cult of the Red Rain. This sacrifice fails in capturing the half elf’s blood as he is merely 1/8th elf, and as punishment the tengu are transformed into horrible Apocalpyse Locusts. The party along with Vekel defeat the abyssal spawn and are given a component to transport them to the area where they can find the metal for ferrous smithing.

The Lost Art of Ferrous Smithing I

The party recovers from the battle against the newborn herald of Lammashtu. While Soul stays aboard the ship to receive a message from the storm (clouded in a southern dilect, reptilian, and carries with it the stink of a bog) Remy summons the young apostle David from the Catherdral of Besmara to heal his companions’ blindness. Soul is given an ultimatium by the voice of the storm:

“You have bested a child of Lammashtu, holy man. My cult and I offer you a deal; Ziggaraut can retain it’s walls and most of peoples but only if you deliver all half elven citizens to the Narrow Marina at dusk on the day your goddess’s ray of sunlight strikes the blade of Besmara.”

The party will discover later that the ray of Serenae is already striking the tip of the blade wielded by the statue of the ocean goddess, leaving a wide area of time this threat could become real.

Soul returns the ship back to Captain Insali and begins informing all those of importance of the storm’s words. Mecurio the Great makes a deal with the flowering Temple of Serenae to help scribe liteature to attract followers.

In an effort to strengthen the city of Ziggarat and their own chances against the upcoming evils, the party decides to help Shurvayas of the Rovers to rediscover the art of ferrous smithing. They journey to Wraith Island in search of a dwarf weaponsmith named Vekel Gully.

Battle against Zuzuzaith

The party has decided to wait the day out for the midnight curfew the demon has put on the party, via mecurio during the battle before. The party will have to speak with Captain Insali about Abigail’s Conch, Mecurio knows in no uncertain terms that this is the ship the demon spoke of. There are few if any traps to be created on the ship, the captain reminds them it was built to be a pleasure vessel. Insali reveals a large sigil of Saranea that he has carved into the ship’s deck. He tells the party that he saw the image in a dream and could think of nothing until he designed it into the ship. This symbol is called upon to heal and protect the party during the following battle.

The party boards the vessel, and at midnight the anchor seems to let go and the ship is slowly pulled out towards the north, away from the marina and coast. A light sleet begins to fall down on the deck, and thin green ribbons of lightning can be seen then heard crackling in the distance. The party will need to activate the continual light globes to bring just enough dim light across the deck. Green lightning becomes frothy waves. Yet the ship seems led on it’s own into the inky darkness.

A whirlpool is spotted in the distance, and it is the source of the ship’s pull. A clot of blackness rests in the middle of this waterspout, and the ship seems to take a slow orbit around it’s center. The demon speaks from the darkness (no light will pierce it’s center), the sickly green lightning shattering against the hail that falls, sharp and wet.

“Holy man, your blood will serve as a calling to the child of Lammashtu. From the ocean’s depth her return will be witnessed by all the thralls of ziggurat. The red corrisve rain will split skin and meat, providing a feast for the demon queen’s spawn. Your veins will be twisted till every drop is fed to these icy waters."

The party then battles zuzuzaith and his minions. As the demon begins to see defeat, he calls upon Lammashtu to empower him. From Sojo’s former shop a massive fire storm explodes, and a newborn herald of Lammashtu is born as a fire elemental.

As the Adaro hold the ship steady against the whirlpool, the party brings the herald down. All but Soul are send back to The Mussel via a small pool.

The Pelagic Way of Healing completed

As the party ventures deeper into the strange keep, they come across a small monument. Several statues, seeming to represent key figures for this keep are built into the floor in grand displays of marble and brass. The ceiling is solid here, and seems to deflect most of the rays of the surrounding positive energy. Decay is present but slow. The bardic aasimar can tell from this decay that this place is millenia old.

An aging human, salt pepper hair and bearded paladin stands first, proud and solemn. He is outfitted in well worn but powerful gear. Next comes an even broader man, a human cleric without an obvious holy symbol, but wielding great holy power in 2 burning gauntlets. A short figure, the size of a halfling is next. The construct of this figure is clever, seemingly invisible until directly stared at. He wields a strange weapon; a staff with a sling on top and a myriad of pouches dot his vest.

Set aside from these figures, the next set are of a human wizard, young and vital. He is dressed in the hue of red, a great ruby flame of robes seem to surround this statue. Behind him is what appears to be a dragonborn; a humanoid of dragon descent that has crackling eldritch magic burning at his finger tips.

Instead of a sixth figure, what appears to be a strange cocoon inhabits this corner of the monument. It is the newest spot and even without mystical means it can be felt that an ancient evil beats inside of it. However it’s pulse is slowing; the shallowing breathing of a god of previous worlds.

The players continue to look around, finding more strange metal fragments akin to the ones found in the courtyard. Beyond this room lies another open tower, it’s gates slammed wide open and seemingly ripped apart. The party enters seeing 3 taotiehs, constructs in the shape of a large cat made of marble and holy scrimshaw inscriptions. From the open environment of the positive energy plane these taotieh’s have become celestial; indeed they are also enchanced by the same metal implements found in the previous rooms. These enchancements seem to give them regenerative abilities, as well as supreme mental defenses.

These three creatures lead from their tall pillars and attack, attempting to swallow any foe. Strange enough, they do not capture prey in their belly but in extradimensional pockets that can be far far away in another plane. The evil figure cocooned in the monument earlier must have been captured by one of these creatures.

The aasimar bard Mercurio is captured in one these strange pockets, sent to Hell. He meets the demon that was confronted by Soul and Sarnaash in the morgue. Here, he is given help by the demon in order to deliver a message to Soul of a meeting in two days, when the moon is at it’s zenith.

The companions are able to defeat the taotieh, freeing the trapped ancient god from his cocoon. A figure identified as Livan Shadowdancer, who once ruled over the then Nine Hells with a chaotic fist stumbles from the cocoon. He dies despite any attempts to help him. He is buried by Soul in this place; his presence dimming the light of the positive energy plane coursing through the keep. It is more bearable to those that are mortal and not native to this place, and with the taming of the area the party is able to heal all soulburn by drinking from the fountain that previously was supercharged with positive power.

The party also retrieves some of the local flora to take to Hazzier. They then trigger the keyphrase to bring them back to Ziggarat.

Remy bargains with Father Agni, The Pelagic Way of Healing started

Remy decides to lead a band of wraith drow surface side to return the Compass of the Seawraith. Using stealth and cunning, he manages to only bring the presence of the creatures to Father Agni, not the entire city. Father Agni dismisses the wraiths, they leave the compass behind but in very upset spirits. Remy fiercely bargains with the church for payment, getting a plot of land, a Raise Dead, and an Earthquake at his request.

Sol donates another 3000 gp to the Temple of Saranae. Both he and Mercrio the Great continue to the see the shining raw of dawn’s light driving through the city at all hours. Communing with the remaining clergy of the temple, they swear to investigate the event. Sol continues to push the clergy to make themselves more apparent to the cityfolk.

The party decides to venture to Wraith Island in pursuit of a mysterious physician that can cure the soulburn suffered by some of the party. They are taken about a visitor’s ship to the island, maintaining their arms in the process. Not all is as it seems, and soon the party is ambushed in plain day by serpentfolk, more servants of Lammashtu. Bria, dwarven cleric of Desna, is uncovered as the physician and informs the party she has been investigating the slow erosion of Pelagic Way officers by disgused serpentfolk. Seeing the damage the party has suffered at the hands of Sojo (damage she was previous unable to heal aboard the fleet ships), Bria sends the party to the Positive Energy Plane in hopes of diffusing the effect. She feels the damage, being suffered in the plane of shadow can only be cured here.

The party arrives via planar gate to Blay Castle, a smashed and fallen keep seemingly dropped in the brilliance of the surrounding area. Spears of bright light pump through the place, giving the party very little space to move about without being seared and overcome by the abundance of energy. They find a few relics of what appears to be a paladin who rules this keep, as well as strange armaments and body enhancements. Still look for a cure for the soulburn, they turn their gaze to a trio of powerful constructs in the shape of powerful cats. They seem to be enhanced by the same materials found earlier in the keep….

Jim Jum and the Nidorian Atlas 1 completed, Jim Jum and Yaspar's Location investigated

Jim Jum and the Nidorian Atlas 1: The party boards The Simulacrum to speak with Runas Deep, a young Jim Jumian elf who is acting librarian of the ship. He has asked the party to help him uncover the truth of Jim Jum’s deity of worship, to settle arguments as to who their founding father worshipped before strife forms amongst his people. The party is given wine which funnels their spirits into an odd pocket of the Astral Plane, where mortals can re-experience past events as active participants. Sol leads the party into battle against 4 high elves, themselves worshippers of Erastil who are transformed into holy beasts (celestial hodags). Appearing on the beach head of Jim Jum, in what seems the winter months, the party sees Jim Jum about to be killed by these high elves. He has been driven into the ocean for heresy. The holy beasts are able to defeat Mecurio the great. Death in this pocket of the Astral Plane results in being returned to the host’s body. The party is able to win out against past events and discovers Jim Jum worshipped Besmara. Sol allows Runas Deep to store the Drow Founding Relic here.

Jim Jum and Yaspar’s Location: Runas Deep will inform the party that Yaspar’s ship, the Deluge, was spotted making repairs at a floating ship fortress known as Derelictus. It floats several days north of Ziggarat by ocean, and is known as a place for safe harbor for the unsavories not even welcome in Ziggarat. Runas will need a combined fund of 7500 gp to purchase passage on a vessel that will be allowed within the fortresses waterways, Derelictus is ruled by might and leadership that is well trained in detecting liars. It will take a month to make the preparations once the gold is given.

A Break in the Dam, Treasure of the Blue Lotus 1 completed

Sol learns that Temple of Sarenrae is returning in 2 weeks, to coincide with the arrival of the next action of the Cult of the Red Rain. Party completes A Break in the Dam and Treasure of the Blue Lotus 1.

A Break in the Dam: A dam that helps create a small lake of fresh water for the pearl garrison is mysteriously losing water. This is impacting the garrison’s ability to smith. The party will be lead to the underground entrance to the lower part of the dam. Battle Sapphire Jellyfish to recover Drow Founding Relic (a scroll depicting drow as the founders of Ziggarat). Discover a tributary of the River Styx flows through this water table. Discover the fresh water that is tapped into to fill the lake above is indeed blessed by Besmara. Battle Piscodaemon and charda cohorts to prevent River Styx water from being fed upwards into lake.

Treasure of the Blue Lotus 1: Legend tells of the first pirates that sailed out from Ziggarat included a drow pirate with piercing blue eyes shaped like that of a lotus. She was a devout follower of Besmara and would not sell or gain favor for any treasure that was directly linked to the goddess. Many of her underlings felt differently, so the Blue Lotus would take to hiding her most faithful treasures away from prying eyes. Father Agni has set aside a dias in the Catherdral to display these treasures if found. Party discovers the first artifact, the Compass of the Seawraith, under the Pearl Garrison dam. Covered by a vile webbing of muck (black tar substance, previously encountered in city) stitched together with the bones of dead drow. Party heads further into the earth to find a hidden pocket, humid and tropical. Defeats the fist of Besmara and 2 clay golems (Sol and Pipsqueak being granted temporariy lordship of the golems). Defeats shadow lock to retrieve compass of the Seawraith. Remy makes cohorts of a small group of dead pirate wraiths who then transform him into one of them long enough to move the compass back to the surface.


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