Nidor, a world given life by titans

Ziggarat Defense Council, preparing for siege

Soul tithes 27k to the church. Soul spends gold to buy enough BP to build an Exotic Artisan shop for Abe attached to brewery.

A few days after freeing the Ajari District and cleaning up the plantation, the companions are set upon with requests to discuss the defense of the city. The leaders of the various guilds and militias of the city wish to meet at night.

The party obtains enough good will and financing after rescuing the Ajari Plantation to construct the following buildings which have :

Items highlighted were choosen

Any 2 of the following, each deployed to Inlet+Beguile, Pearl Garrison, the Proper, or Bay of Life
INLET+BEGUILE Bardic College – 3 rounds of every combat, gain inspire heroism (must be declared at beginning of round). Rounds do not need to be spend consectively.
Foreign Quarter – 1/combat, reroll any failed save.
Guildhall – 1/combat, treat your character level as 4 levels higher for any activated ability
THE PROPER Military Academy – all movement speeds increased by 10ft, +2 initative, fast healing 5

Any 2 of the following which gets deployed to every area in the city

Hospitals – Any time you receiving healing that is not a cantrip, fast healing, or regeneration, heal an extra +2d6
Museums – Preserve the culture of Ziggarat and it’s peoples against the encroaching hordes
Caster Towers – At the beginning of every combat, call down 10 magic missiles divide amongst any number of targets. This ignores spell resistance and functions in any anti magic field.

The following representatives gather at the plantation throughout the looming dusk. The city’s weather has gotten worse, and flooding has started to occur along the coast. Relm’s Blessing is maintaining with it’s powerful abjuration magics but the rest of the city is moving inland and building seawalls. It is under this slowly building chaos that the city’s defense council takes place.

From the north assaulting the Bay of Life will come the adaro and Dude Bros.
From the west assaulting the Inlet and Beguile will come the Daughter of Lamashtu and her demonic forces.
From the east assaulting the Proper will come the fallen paladins of Sarenrae.
From the south there is silence. A bleary red glow hangs in the air like a sunset that won’t quite leave. The sky seems inflamed and swollen yet nothing has emerged. Lainadan states he will turn his divination techniques to this area in the upcoming days.

Runas Deep – speaks for half elves and Jim Jum elves
Captain Insali – speaks for the rest of the Yccona refugees
Alexandra Hera – speaks for Opalescent Guard
Claddath and Kenth – speaks for the Rovers
Hazzier – speaks for the general public, those without religious conviction
Father Agni – speaks for Besmara and the merchant districts not controlled by the Rovers
Aganon Hera – speaks for Sarenrae and the Pelagic Way
Kalani – speaks for Makai Brotherhood
Uron – speaks for order of Eccelsia
Vesz – speaks drow and dwarven nomads
Vekel Gully – speaks for the Pearl Garrison
Lainadan – watches from the comfort of Eccelsia via numerous divination techniques. He does not hide this, and states he is doing it to make a recording of the events.

Main points of contention – protecting the half elves or let them go? Should the city try to evacuate into the wastelands? Should the city try to evacuate to the plane of shadow? EVACUATE TO BOTH, TRY TO SPLIT UP SO ONE SECTION CAN CARRY ON THE CITY’S LEGACY Who should be the first line of defense on with front (beach head MAKAI vs wasteland gates BARBARIANS BARDS vs Pearl Garrison OPALESCENT’ GUARD vs Bay of Life YI TU, rovers city wide, clerics everywhere except the proper, Pelagic Way will defend the waters)





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