Nidor, a world given life by titans

The Makai Brotherhood, Ecclesia, finishing the Shadow Map, and the Oboro Whetstones

Back to Ziggarat proper, the party splits up amongst the city. Dante ventures back to his home of training, the Makai Brotherhood. He finds that the higher order of monks have been slain months ago by the adaro and his former order is now ruled by a young half elf female monk named Kalani. Dante determines to find his own order representing his knowledge of the earth and ancient dwarven peoples.

The party also ventures back to the Mussel and finds Survayas has completed (with the help of the Rovers) the Shadow Map to the best of her abilities. One of the seven conduits within the city needs cleansing, and the party delves into the conduit finding malnourished fey and creatures inside. They are defeated in heated combat. The party finds a vile trap, represented by Obol statues, that seemed to lure and capture creatures into this pocket of the plane of Shadow. They destroy the trap.

Eilora and Pipsqueak go to the wizard’s order of Ecclesia, meeting several of the upper echelon. Eilora drops the map of Shadows off with her teacher Bellethiel who promises to finish the planar bindings between the conduits. Pipsqueak extracts a promise from Fayla, the halfling master of Procurus: if Pipsqueak can help Juno survive her newly awakened sorceress bloodline, Pipsqueak will be made an honorary member of Procurus. Also, Eilora is given permission to being shopping with the platinum slates within a few days.

The party also creates a meeting between the drow and dwarven nomads which results in a drawn out battle. Someone has sealed the building the nomads were to meet within (staggered with the party, so that the nomad groups would NOT see each other). The party discovers a seal of a lost Ecclesian sect that Eilora cannot identify. They intercept the battle and manage to broker a deal with both sides to help raise the power of Ziggarat’s magic arms and armor. As part of the deal, Dante is tasked to protect the dwarven histories and Sol is tasked to defend the drow histories.



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