Nidor, a world given life by titans

Readying for war, the Companions speaks with the city

In a feat of training and martial prowess, Dante communes and attains great power at the hands of Beowulf, a mysterious outsider hailing from the Positive Energy Plane. The protector of Ziggarat’s waters, Beowulf gives Dante the breath of positive energy which he can now use to power his elemental fists. He tasks Dante with further protecting the waters of the city. Before this, Dante engages in friendly sparring with Kalani in the Sanctum of Gaia, one of the three building that houses the Brotherhood of the Yi-Tu.

Sol and the companions finalize their building and construction of the Lusty Paladin, a group sponsored tavern that serves to relaxes all citizens of the city. Here they meet several new faces; Na’eroth Shinder the mistress of the establishment, Jodocus Silver a young former paladin to Sarenrae that appears telling the companions of a chilling tale outside the city. The grand opening also serves to allow the companions to finally meet the dwarves of the Hinterlands. They dwell within the shadowlands on the west coast of the city. A meeting is planned at the Ajari District between the city’s leaders once the area is recovered.

Pipsqueak completes her work with Juno, discovering her cosmic bloodline allows her to slip into the future during her dreams, bringing back the study of new spells and experience of future events. She is able to teach the young girl how to control her metamagic.

Sol speaks with Obol at the Tower of Istima to discover more about the dark Lantern Wielder’s wereabouts.

Haloren defends the life of a half elf against further tengu Blackfinger agents within the Cathedral of Besmara whilst visiting his friend Alexandra.



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