Nidor, a world given life by titans

Jolanera, Nightwing queen of the Isle of Terror

The companions battle their way into the Ajari Plantation. Searching it’s rooms, the party battles hordes of vicious animals, necrotic oozes, and delves into the lineage of the Ajari tengu family. Moving to the 2nd floor the party encounters Ehrimun, a ghoul’d necromancer. He is defeated and the party discovers a foul creature, Jolanera, has been whispering into his ear to get him to bring her magical items from every corner of the city. She has been pretending to be the spirit of Ehrimun’s former master, the missing wizardress Lilyana.

Despite Dante falling in battle, the party champions against the undead creature with the help of Ajari. He appears from the Cosmic Fire to help cleanse his home. Dante is brought back gaining new found power from the mysterious Beowulf in the Cosmic Fire.



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