Nidor, a world given life by titans

Iridescent Grotto

Eager to seek more power in the upcoming battle with Lamashtu’s forces the companions decide to seek out the last remaining treasure of the Blue Lotus. This leads them off the coast of Ziggarat about a mile out to a serene underwater cavern. Battling some denizens of the ocean to gain entrance, the party enters into the lost Temple of Besmara, a much different place of worship than the current modern Cathedral. Here the forces of the Blue Lotus ruled, a powerful group of pirates and brigands brought together by the strength of the chaotic deity. Moving through the temple they discovering lost artifacts of Lady Aquaeous, the first cleric of Besmara. Dante discovers a first draft of Besmara’s holy texts which foretells doom for the city of Ziggarat. They battle evils from below the mantle’s crust in the form of Crag Man, brutal thugs who kill and pillage in glory of Ayzrul known as the Fossilized King.

Walking among the remains of the Blue Lotus’s forces, bits of armor and armaments left behind in a rush, the companions begin to fall against each other in discord; Pipsqueak in particular. The temple’s worship was driven by a very complex aquatic system of music known as the Handel, generated by a flowing curtain of blessed waters to pass through exotic instruments. The waters have become foul, drenched in brine and salt causing the once inspiring musics to become painful and bitter. Some equipment is rescued however; a suit of full plate armor, a mysterious sheath, and a portable smithery.

The party finds a second area! Seemingly entwined with the Temple another chamber is hidden to the west. Breaking into it, the party finds themselves inside the remains of a collosal sea creature. It appears to be the remains of another nightwave, but a positive energy version. The companions are beset by salt drakes from the cavernous ceiling above and begin battle. The companions prove themselves to be better warriors and defeat all by one of the salt drakes. The remaining drake is the leader, an alpha among his species with the appetite for combat. The party convinces the drake that his path to reincarnation as a true dragon lies in the world above, namely in the upcoming battle with Lamashtu.

Climbing above the Rising Annex, the party comes into the Ark of Wealth, the highest floor of the Temple of Besmara. Here resides the fortune of the Blue Lotus and her crew, as well as the music instrument that drives worship in the temple below; the Handel. Suspended above the large open cavern is a planar opening to the elemental plane of Water, seeded with the holy waters of Besmara. It is seething with chaos but docile as it is under control of the solaric dragon, Rezlara. The elderly brine dragon stands above the party, greedy for the wealth of magic and coin they bring on their person. She desires to add their treasure to her hoard and defeat them the same way she did the Blue Lotus so many centuries ago. The Handel lies in ruin around them, Relzara’s salt laden breath weapon having ruined it long ago. This caused the water passing through it to be out of tune and in turn drove the Blue Lotus’s crew mad.

The companions battle Rezlara and 2 dwarven arcanists, mercs of Rezlara. After heated battle of sword and spell and the fall of Soul the paladin, the party is able to strike a killing below on the great dragon. The holy book that Dante discovered below in the temple, the original Testament of Besmara, flashes with a solar light and the party experiences a vision of Ziggarat under siege by Lamashtu’s forces. Coming from the vision, the party gives the tome to Lady Aqueous who appears in the Antechambers of Song within the temple and pledges her loyalty to the party. The figurehead of the Seawraith appears as well and becomes a mobile ship (which can form a ship’s body from a large body of water) that follows the party around. Lady Aqueous returns to the Cathedral of Besmara with the holy book, the 3rd and final treasure of the Blue Lotus. Soul is brought back to life with the solemn information that his goddess Sarenrae is mute, her vocal chords missing.



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