Nidor, a world given life by titans

Defending the Bay of Life

Dante is approached by Kalani; the Bay of Life is under attack! Journeying to the north of the city (without Eilora, who has stayed behind with her order to finish translated the Shadow Map) Dante and the companions investigated one of the main fisheries to find it has been poisoned by an evil Adaro druid and sea hags. After a pitched battle, they are able to defeat the foes with little damage to the fishery. Exiting the cave, they are awed to see a large scale battle being waged along the Bay; demonic evils on wing carrying the monks of the Makai to their death in the ocean nearby. Kalani assists the companions in getting to a nearby dragonship, the main point of attack by Lamashtu’s forces. Shrouding by a black thundercloud, the dragonship commanded by a thunder giant begins launching explosive rounds at the shore.

With the help of the undine, the party is flown to the ship and begins battle with the head adaro priestess, Mulla. Her forces consist of the drowned dead and shadow owb mercenaries.

Elsewhere in the city, Eilora and a strange band of mercs are attempting to close a massive planar portal near the Tower of Ishtma.



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