Nidor, a world given life by titans

Aftermath of the battle at the Bay of Life

After an excruciating battle under the ocean’s surface within the belly of the dragonship, the companions are victorious against the forces of Mulla. The dragonship itself makes one last attempt at destroying the bay; it’s elemental spirit in such distraught and pain that it’s draconic breath tears the ship in half before making landfall. Alexandra Hera is horribly wounded shielding Haloren and the rest of the companions are pitted and scarred from the acidic windfall. The apparition of the daughter of Lamashtu, this time without mistake that of a colossal black dragon, appears within the thunderhead that came with the enemy fleet. She again demands all living half elves be brought to the Marinas else the city face great calamity within a week’s time. Her dragon fear permeates the citizens of the city; her voice is female but strong carrying a thick tropical accent.

In the following days, the companions make their final decisions how best to spend their time. Half elves begin to fear for their lives from their own neighbors as those they called friends begin to turn on them in the street. Through his silvered tongue, Haloren is able to dismiss the dragon fear in all regions except Oboro with a few well placed half-truths. The Lusty Tavern opens her doors to patrons for the first time. Dante establishes his own monk discipline known as the Brotherhood of Yi Tu which has attracted some other worldly attention.



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